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Defy your age! Restore vibrancy

Cell turnover slows as we age. We get sun and environmental damage. We experience fluctuations in our health and hormone levels. We stress. We live life. As a result, our skin cells need a little encouragement to repair and renew. Even when we’re younger, chemical peels boost healing, refine skin texture and tone, and offer deep cleansing. Chemical peels have been used throughout time and around the world. Why not take advantage of a tried and true mainstay that’s been around since the days of Cleopatra? 

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What is a chemical peel?

When talking about a skin treatment, the word “chemical” sounds scarier than it is especially now when many of us are trying to be more mindful of how we treat our bodies. We want to assure you that that word really means “a safe, sensitive solution” prepared at targeted levels of intensity for skin renewing exfoliation. For example, salicylic and glycolic acids are naturally occurring fruit acids mild enough for melasma and rosacea patients.


That’s not to say chemical peels aren’t powerful. They are! They go to work allowing the body to slough off the dead, damaged cells on the top layers of skin—they “peel” away that dull, weathered surface. What’s beneath? Fresh, healthy skin cells that look more radiant, more youthful, more like the inner you!


Improve the appearance of:

•  Fine lines

•  Mild to moderate acne

•  Mild acne scars

•  Mild sun damage

•  Uneven tone & texture

•  Enlarged & clogged pores

•  Dry patches

•  Rosacea

•  Melasma

•  Brown spots / age spots

•  Discoloration / hyperpigmentation

What to expect

After considering your age, skin type, and other highly individual factors, we customize the intensity of your peel by adjusting the length of time it’s on your face and the level of active ingredients it contains. Chemical peels may be performed on the face, neck, chest, back, hands, and even on the delicate areas around the eyes.


How long does it take and when will I see results?

The treatment itself takes 20-60 minutes.


As far as results go, sometimes they’re visible right away or they may take a few days. Done in series, improvements build incrementally over the course of months. For optimal results, we recommend getting a chemical peel every other week for a series of 4-6 treatments.


Between office treatments, we suggest the use of at-home peels to help maintain your great results. They also help to prime your skin for your in-office peels. Try our SoCo Skin Free Glycolic Peel Pads available in 10%, 15%, or 20% intensities. Specially formulated by Dr. Evans, our peel pads are safe for all skin types, including sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. They also contain liposomal vitamins A-C-E and Co-Q10.

Possible chemical peel side effects

We only do light chemical peels, which can cause redness, dryness, flaking, irritation, and/or mild burning that can last several days.


It’s critical to discuss the amount of time you have available for recovery especially if you have an upcoming event or other important public activities.


This treatment is not for everyone

Chemical peels are not appropriate for eczema, warts, or cysts. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use chemical peels either as an in-office or at-home treatment.

Step-by-step through the treatment:

1. Your face is thoroughly cleaned.

2. Your eyes are kept closed & protected with ointment or eye shields if necessary.

3. We only perform light chemical peels, which do not require pain relief.

4. The chemical peel solution is applied with a brush, pad, or cotton ball. 

5. Hand-held fans or cooling compresses may be used as needed.

6. To stop the action of the acids, a neutralizing solution is applied or the peel is washed or wiped off. Different types of peels are neutralized in different ways.

7. You receive instructions on how to protect your skin during recovery.

8. We suggest special skin care to use after your peels for optimal heeling.

9. Between treatments, an at-home regimen is recommended to help maintain your results.

10. Avoid sun exposure.   

A chemical peel is customized to the needs of each patient. The following peels are therapeutic for melasma, acne-prone skin, and as an anti-aging treatment.

30% Salicylic Acid Peel

30% Glycolic Acid Peel

40% Glycolic Acid Peel

50% Glycolic Acid Peel

60% Glycolic Acid Peel

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Chemical peels are used to reverse the signs of aging, brown spots, sun damage, and melasma. They are uniquely formulated to refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment in our Stamford, CT office:

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