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SoCo Patient Interview: A Case of Life Threatening Acne

May 31, 2016

"...gluten affects everybody totally differently. Dr. Evans was one of the first people who brought it to our attention that not everybody reacts the same. She just nailed it!


She never gave up on trying to figure out what was wrong with him and she, I guess as a mother, understood that even if she came in just to say, “Hi how’s he doing?” that meant the world to me."

SoCo Patient Interview: Dr. Evans Unmasks a Perplexing Skin Riddle

May 06, 2016

"Since the first day I met her, Dr. Evans has always been so professional, knowledgeable, and inquisitive. She’s willing to think outside the box and go the extra mile and has always spent time explaining conditions and addressing my many questions and concerns. She always listened carefully when we discussed my symptoms and she understood the frustration I felt with how my issues disrupted my life. Although my problems always seemed to be mysterious, Dr. Evans never gave up and tirelessly tried to find the cause so we could stop the endless cycle of treatment creams that only gave temporary relief."

SoCo Patient Interview: Dr. Evans' Melanoma Survivor

May 14, 2015

"I only saw Dr. Evans a few times for routine visits for a rash mostly. Since I was a very young child, I had a birthmark in the middle of the calf on my right leg. It was always there and I never paid much attention to it. Then, one day about 2 1/2 years ago, I noticed it had greatly changed. I was going to Dr. Evans for something else, but while I was there I asked her to take a look at my leg. As soon as she saw it, she immediately said that I had a problem. She was sure it was a melanoma and it didn't look good."

SoCo Patient Interview: Dr. Evans Solves a Case of Mistaken Eczema

April 15, 2015

"Just knowing that there is a name for what is causing my rash has made all the difference! I feel such relief knowing that I'm not crazy and there is a real issue behind all of this! I cried when I saw Dr. Evans to tell her because I was so thankful that she had taken the time to really listen and figure out what I needed to do to get on a path to wellness."

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