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IPL Photorejuvenation Treatment

One day, you notice them. The spots have arrived. If you were a child during almost any decade in the 20th century, you know people just weren’t tuned into sun protection like they are now.


Maybe you really enjoy watching baseball or tennis and got fried in the stands. If you’re outdoorsy, forget it! The golfers, swimmers, bikers, hikers, and gardeners—you know who you are! Living a full, active life can leave its mark. Other times, genetics, skin conditions, and ordinary aging just take their toll.


What if you could erase your unwanted dark spots and other imperfections? You can!

Get ready for a clean slate!  

sun spot removal stamford ct


•  Pink & brown spots

•  Sun spots

•  Age spots

•  Freckles

•  Uneven skin tone

•  Redness

•  Rosacea

Why choose us for your IPL treatment?

It is critical to have all spots, discolorations, and skin abnormalities checked by a board-certified dermatologist. Spa technicians and non-physician health practitioners do not have the training or expertise to identify cancerous and precancerous lesions.


We’ve all heard the horror stories about someone getting sun spot removal at the local spa or salon only to suffer severe consequences later. No one wants spots, but please get yourself checked by a pro before doing anything. In addition, you need someone who knows how to handle dermatologic devices properly. You want improvements to the look and feel of your skin, not injuries.

Why choose IPL over other types of treatments?

IPL helps to create a diffused, even tone. Without the use of foundation or makeup, IPL allows you to have that youthful, airbrushed look!


How does IPL work?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. During an IPL treatment, pulses of light are emitted from a hand-held device pressed against the skin. Without damaging the surface, the noninvasive light penetrates beneath the skin’s surface. When treating hyperpigmentation, discoloration, and spots, the light is absorbed by pigmented melanin within the skin.


Because IPL targets skin pigmentation, those with fair to moderate skin tones are best suited for this type of therapy. The IPL is not safe to use on darker skin types.

When performed on the face, IPL is called a photofacial, but it can also be used on any part of the body in need of little TLC. Most commonly, areas that endure the most exposure such as the neck, back, hands, arms, forearms, and décolletage (the upper chest) need the most attention. Patients wear special protectors to shield their eyes from the light.   


Does IPL hurt?

IPL is gentle and non-ablative. Discomfort is comparable to a rubber band being snapped against the skin. It’s a bit stingy, but very tolerable.


How long does each treatment session last?

IPL sessions are 30 minutes each for the face or chest areas.


How many treatment sessions will I need?

For optimal results, IPL is generally done as a series of 4 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart. It is sometimes combined with a topical photosensitizing medication prior to the treatment to maximize results.


How can I participate to ensure great results?

Make sure your skin in the area to be treated is not tan at the time of the your session. Please avoid the sun the week before and the week after each session. In order to prevent new damage, wear UV protection daily. You can preserve your IPL results if you take care of yourself going forward. Additional instructions will be provided. 

Are there any IPL side effects?

Downtime is minimal and may only involve symptoms similar to sunburn. Most people wear makeup and go about their business as usual. After IPL treatment, the skin gets pink and peels. It can look like tiny coffee grounds peeling off the skin in the location of the treated spots. All these minor side effects are completely resolved after one week.


Can other treatments be combined with IPL?

Sometimes IPL is done with the application of Levulan as a photodynamic therapy to increase positive response. Botox and filler injections can be done in the same time frame as the IPL.


What does IPL treatment cost?

A consultation is required to assess the size, number, and location of your spots and this varies person to person.


Nordlys Ellipse and Frax: The latest in advanced IPL and Fractional Laser Therapy

Sun damage can lead to skin pigmentation issues that may leave you feeling self-conscious. Fortunately, skin resurfacing and photorejuvenation techniques can help minimize the appearance of skin discolorations and balance out your uneven skin tone.


Thanks to exciting innovations in Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Fractional laser therapy, you can now get even better results! Aesthetic lasers have been around for many years, proving to be highly effective in treating sunspots, brown spots, red spots and other sun damage and pigmentation challenges.


Our new Nordlys laser treatments expand what we can do for these problems.  

While other devices on the market also use lasers to treat sun-damaged skin, oftentimes, lasers are typically difficult to use on darker skin tones. Our new Nordlys devices allow us to treat sun damage, melasma and sunspots on darker skin tones with great success.


For full-face photorejuvenation, try the Light & Bright treatment! Light & Bright treatments treat vascular and pigmented lesions and textural irregularities via skin resurfacing. This technique provides gentle, full-face rejuvenation with impressive results.


Looking to reduce some minor fine lines and wrinkles? Our new Nordlys Frax treatment uses skin resurfacing to give you a refreshed look.


As with all lasers, Nordlys IPL and Frax treatments should not be administered on tanned skin. For best results, we recommend completing your laser treatments before summer.


Looking to even out your skin tone and address skin discoloration due to sun damage? Schedule an appointment with our dermatology specialists to try our new Nordlys laser treatments now!


Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Benefits 

IPL therapy provides multiple benefits to your skin, including: 

  • Reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone 

  • Improving the appearance of sunspots, red spots, brown spots and other skin discolorations 

  • Helping to promote collagen production


Frax Laser Benefits: 
Fractional laser treatments improve the condition of your skin by: 

  • Helping to soften fine lines 

  • Lessening the appearance of acne scars 

  • Helping to address skin texture issues 

  • Reducing the appearance of age spots and brown spots


How does it work? 
IPL and Frax therapy work by using non-ablative lasers to raise the skin’s temperature, using the resulting heat to initiate a controlled wound-healing response. This response, in turn, stimulates collagen production, which is essential for skin elasticity, strength and structure. Body types of treatment use the body’s natural healing response to help give your skin a rejuvenated look and feel.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment in our Stamford, CT office:

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