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Why get your facials with us?

You can get a facial almost anywhere these days including your local yoga studio. However, technicians at many facial spas and salons don’t have the in-depth training required to assess skin at a deep level. This can lead to a variety of mishaps such as irritation, wounds, or the worsening of a medical condition or skin disease.


When you choose us, you get a highly trained, licensed aesthetician who can properly analyze your skin type. With us, you know you’re getting vetted aesthetic services performed under the medical supervision of Dr. Robin Evans. This allows you to have all of your skin-care needs addressed in a comprehensive way in one place. We consider your entire medical history in order to tailor facial treatments with precision.


In addition, all of our staff members take medical-grade cleanliness and safety very seriously, which may not be a priority elsewhere.


We want to share a little secret

Not only are facials a mainstay of your regular skin maintenance regimen, they’re also incredibly relaxing. Treat yourself to a spa day the SoCo way while getting the best quality skin care around!

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We craft targeted, medical-grade therapy that works for you whether that’s a hydrating facial, a facial for sensitive skin, or a deep cleansing facial. Our one-hour, thirty-minute, and mini facials can be performed on the face, back, or chest.

The SoCo Signature Facial

This chemical-free facial utilizes products from the SoCo Skin line, our dermatologist-formulated house brand, including: Skin Splash, Skin Scrub, Skin Free antioxidant skin lotion, and glycolic cream. A mask is made during the facial depending upon your skin type. High frequency therapy and Galvanic are used for deeper penetration of products.

The Crystal Facial

Named for the crystals used in the microdermabrasion process, this facial kindles a healthy glow. It includes a steamy cleanse along with a manual exfoliation, a mask suited for your skin type, and an upper body massage using essential oils.

The Black Pearl

Perfect for anti-aging and deep pore cleansing, all products used in this top-of-the-line facial are from Revision: Brightening Face Wash, Finishing Touch Exfoliant, Soothing Toner, and a black mask consisting of activated charcoal and lava salts. A truly luxurious facial!

Fire and Ice

For an extra clean feeling, this super exfoliating facial combines both physical and chemical exfoliation. First, experience a manual exfoliation with steam—the ‘fire’—followed by a gentle peel. Then a rubberizing mask brings the ‘ice’ by cooling and soothing making this facial true to its name. A multi-dimensional treatment with great results!

Vitamin C Facial

This anti-aging facial helps fight free radical damage with vitamins and antioxidants resulting in a brightened, more youthful complexion. Every step and product in this facial contains Vitamin C. Let your light shine with the ultimate antioxidant facial!

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The Mini Facial

This 25-30 minute facial is the quick boost your skin needs. Quicker than a standard facial, you still get potent cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction, but with less time on the table. Post-extraction care speeds healing and provides anti-bacterial purification with high frequency (an electrical facial treatment). Before you get back to business, the treatment is completed with moisturizer and SPF. Done and done!


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If blemish-free, clear skin is your objective, we have special treatments for that:

We also offer:

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