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Stretch marks are the result of skin stretching past its capacity due to rapid growth or weight gain. These tiny tears in the deepest layers of skin can appear during puberty, pregnancy, or other times when people grow up or out very quickly. They can also result from the overuse or misuse of topical and oral steroids. Even other skin conditions can cause stretch marks.


In spite of the innovations in laser technology and an abundance of “miracle” creams, stretch marks remain challenging for dermatologists to treat. However, there are instances in which stretch marks can be greatly minimized. Elasticity and tone can also improve. Anyone who says they can completely restore skin to its pre-stretch-mark condition, or promises complete stretch mark removal, is exaggerating.

stretch mark reduction stamford ct

We offer laser treatment for stretch marks

About one third of patients see improvement with laser treatment. In order to determine if the stretch mark will respond positively to treatment, we first test a small area. If the test is successful, we proceed with the full series of laser treatments. This is great news for a lot of people, so it’s worth taking the time to explore this option.


Plus, when you choose us, you know you’re getting the maximum benefit from laser treatment in a safe, effective way. You also know, we won’t waste your time or money if you’re not a good candidate.


How many laser treatments will I need and what can I expect?

Typically, 2-3 treatments are needed.

For most, laser sessions are not painful.

The treated area will turn a dusky pink or purple after the treatments. 

Downtime is minimal, but recovery can take several weeks.


Are certain types of stretch marks easier to treat with lasers?

Lasers can help lighten pink and red stretch marks. However, laser treatments are not safe for darker skin types because the laser light targets melanin—the pigment in the skin. For that reason, lasers are not effective for white stretch marks either because there is no skin pigment to target.

Brown stretch marks can improve with laser treatment, but are a challenge. The crepey texture of a stretch mark is also tough to treat and usually does not respond well to any type of laser treatment.

When it comes to stretch mark treatment, you're in excellent hands with board certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon Dr. Robin Evans.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment in our Stamford, CT office:

CALL (203) 323-5660

Are there other remedies for stretch marks?

We dispense lipotensin cream, a topical botanical that can offer some improvement. This high-potency blend of nutrient-rich herbs and vitamins strengthens and tightens skin.


How can I prevent stretch marks?

Genetics play a role in the development of stretch marks, but there are things you can do to try to reduce the risk.

Watch your weight—minimizing rapid and dramatic changes in weight

Weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy, but eating right and staying active will help

Stay hydrated

Moisturize with a nutrient-rich firming butter or natural oil

Avoid harsh, drying chemicals and fragrances

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