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Prescription for Your Skin Type—Oily Skin Type

A benefit of having oily skin type is that it better protects you from dryness, wrinkles, and aging than other skin types. This keeps you looking younger effortlessly. The downside includes enlarged pores that tend to clog, which can lead to pimples, blackheads, and more for some people. (If this is an issue for you, check out our blog post about acne here.)

With this skin type, it’s important to keep oil in check without drying out your skin or causing irritation. While oil production is genetically determined, avoiding stress and dairy products can be helpful since both promote the production of excess skin oil (sebum). A tailored skin-care regimen is central to maintaining a balanced glow for this skin type.

To help you take charge of your own skin care, we’re sharing protocols that we use on ourselves. There’s a lot out there so it’s good to get specifics so you can decide what’s most effective for you.

A.M. Routine: First Thing in the Morning


Start your day by washing your face with the gentle yet strong Glycolic Cream Wash. The 5% unbuffered glycolic acid it contains moisturizes while acting as a mild exfoliant. It’s important to apply a small amount, gently massaging the cleanser into wet skin, and rinsing it off thoroughly.


After cleansing your face, apply vitamin C cream specially formulated by Dr. Evans. This is the perfect topical anti-aging antioxidant. Be careful to dab it on without rubbing or pulling at your skin.


Use a moisturizer that keeps your skin feeling hydrated without feeling greasy or heavy. DCL Ultra light hydrator oil-free lotion is light and breathable making it the perfect choice!


Since having oily skin can make you prone to breakouts, protect your skin from sun damage with EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46. Because it’s oil-free, this lightweight formulation doesn’t clog pores. It also contains vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid, and lactic acid, all of which promote healthy skin by locking in moisture.


If you fall into the very oily category, try OC-8 Mattifying Gel. This product controls shine with micro-particles that encapsulate excess skin oils.

Throughout the Day:

Wipe your skin down with DCL Penta Peel pads intermittently over the course of the day. They are gentle enough to use regularly and you'll feel better because your skin will look and feel less greasy. Pop a container in your desk drawer at work or in your purse!

Using a toner periodically throughout the day is another way to keep grease in check and prevent blemishes. Glytone Toner is great for those with very oily or acne-prone skin because it contains a mild, 2% salicylic acid exfoliant.

If you’re in a jam, you can also blot excess oil from your skin with a Kleenex or other soft paper product. Just be sure to dab gently so you don’t stretch your skin or disturb your makeup.

P.M. Routine: Right Before Bed


Use Glycolic Cream Wash again at night to remove the day’s dirt, sweat, oil, and makeup. This is critical for oily skin types since the oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria conspire to create blemishes overnight. Never go to bed with a dirty face!


Hypogenic cream is non-comedogenic, which means it’s formulated NOT to clog pores—something oily skin types require. If you need a richer moisturizer for anti-aging during nighttime, try Hypogenic Cream created by Dr. Evans.

Two-three Times a Week ONLY

Occasionally, use one of the DCL 10% glycolic peel pads for about 10 minutes before washing your face at night. We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep pores clear when you have oily skin type. This home peel gets the job done while adding anti-aging benefits.

If your skin type differs from this one, please click your skin type for more information: normal, dry, sensitive, combination.

You can also call us for help with your individual skin type questions:

(203) 323-5660

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