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Get Ready to WOW Them This Summer!

​​Can you feel it? Soon the layers of winter clothing will all be gone. Are you ready to bare some skin? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of treatments that take several sessions or involve some downtime. Once summer is here, you’ve missed your window of opportunity. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day! You have to plan ahead.

What can you do NOW to get the look you want this summer? It’s easier than you think! We’re here to help you every step of the way.


Laser Hair Removal: Lose The Shag Carpeting!

Number of sessions: 6-8 treatment sessions over a year.

Downtime: Usually, just a little pink for a day.

Results appear: Hair falls out within a week after each treatment with less and less regrowth over the next month.

The best news about laser hair removal: hair regrowth diminishes with each treatment session and final results are long-term. This is the best option for a long-term solution to the shag carpet!

Warm and fuzzy might be fine for winter, but you might get lost in the thicket when arms and legs are bared. If you’re tired of shaving and hate the pain of waxing, maybe it’s time to end the battle with your unwanted hair! Laser therapy is THE most effective method of hair removal because it safely destroys hair and hair follicles. It can be used on men and women, on all body areas, and on all skin tones.


Spider Veins: Sclerotherapy—Lasers & Injections Dissolve These Unwanted Pests

Number of sessions: Multiple—usually 3 on any one area.

Downtime: Minimal—Expect bruising, which then fades in a patchy way. Clearing occurs after bruising. Expect the same cycle for each treatment.

Results appear: After several weeks.

The best news about lasers & injections for spider veins: results are permanent.

Even though spider veins aren’t indicative of age, their lacy tendrils crawling across your face and up your legs don’t exactly make you feel like a kid. Spider veins on the face caused by heredity, sun damage, or rosacea can be "zapped" away with the VBeam laser. Results may be dramatic and eliminate the need for makeup.

Spider veins on the legs can be treated safely with laser or injection treatments. Smaller vessels are treated with the laser and larger ones with a series of sclerotherapy injections, which go directly into the vessels. In most cases, the treatment sessions are very effective and enable you to bare your legs without being self-conscious about these creepy crawlies.


IPL: The “Magic Eraser”

Number of sessions: 4 every 2 weeks. In 6 weeks, you're done!

Downtime: A little pink and peely for a few days.

Results appear: Better and better with each treatment session.

The best news about IPL: it can turn back the clock taking years off the look of your face, torso, or hands.

IPL is INTENSE PULSED LIGHT used to rejuvenate the skin. Think of it as real-world photoshop. If you have mottled brown & red blotchiness caused by sun damage or rosacea, IPL helps to even out these blemishes. This treatment will give you an "airbrushed” look that’s real and lasts much longer than a photo. You’ll need less makeup to give your skin that even, uniform tone you see in magazines.


Chemical Peels for Melasma: Say Bye-Bye to Brown Blotches

Number of sessions: May be performed individually or as a series depending on your goals and needs.

Downtime: A little pink and peely for a few days

Results appear: Lighter and lighter with each treatment

Since the days of Cleopatra, chemical peels have been used to rejuvenate the skin. At SoCo Dermatology, we offer glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and a variety of other types of chemical peels specifically selected for you. Whether you need therapeutic treatment for acne, anti-aging, or the brown patches of melasma, a chemical peel leaves your skin cleansed and healed with a youthful glow. Our selection of peels includes Glytone, SkinMedica, and more. Chemical peels can be performed on any part of the body where you have unwanted spots, blotchiness, or hyperpigmentation such as the face, neck, chest, back, hands, and the delicate area around the eyes.


HydraFacial: Resuscitate Dry Winter Skin

Number of sessions: For best results, ongoing treatment is recommended since regular exfoliation is a key component of a skin wellness plan.

Downtime: None.

Results appear: Immediately.

Is your skin parched from all the winter cracking, chapping, and dry indoor heating? HydraFacials offer the same deep exfoliation as microdermabrasion, but rather than use crystals to smooth skin they use moisturizing serums like hyaluronic acid.


Set up a one-on-one with the skin experts at SoCo Dermatology and get ready to knock people’s socks off!!

We invite you to call us at (203) 323-5660, but SEEING you while listening to your concerns can help us give you advice precisely tailored to your needs and aesthetic goals.


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