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6 Things You Must Do for Better Skin This Spring

1. Skin Rejuvenation with HydraFacial

Why does everyone love this treatment? Because a HydraFacial can be given in as little as 30 minutes while offering immediate, noticeable results and long-term benefits with no downtime or irritation. If you have a full schedule and want high returns on your investment, a HydraFacial is a great choice especially if you only want to do one thing for your skin.

Why early spring is a good time to do it:

• After cold, dry winter weather, this exfoliation and infusion treatment gives you a natural glow and improved tone and texture. It’s a spring cleaning for your skin!

2. Hair Removal with Lasers & Waxing

Admit it, we all get a little lazy keeping our body hair in check during the winter months. But the leggings and long sleeves are about to come off! In no time at all, you’ll be putting on sandals and bathing suits. Do you want your Grizzly Adams overgrowth peeping out from beneath the hem of your sundress? Enough said!

Why early spring is a good time to do it:

• You can't do it when you have a tan

• You don’t want to be caught unprepared when those first truly warm days pop up

3. Spider Vein Treatment with Sclerotherapy Injections & Lasers

Once your body hair is taken care of your spider veins truly have nowhere to hide. Sclerotherapy takes care of the larger ‘creepy crawlies’ on the legs and lasers handle the smaller veins. Baring your legs with confidence puts a spring in your step!

Why early spring is a good time to do it:

• You need to wear support hose for the injections

• Requires a number of treatment sessions

• Legs look worse before they look better so you need time to recover


Want a spring beauty boost?


We offer all new clients a personalized one-on-one assessment with an aesthetician. You'll leave our medispa with recommendations for a skin-care regimen specifically designed for you.

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4. Non surgical fat removal with CoolSculpting

It’s only natural to bulk up a bit when it’s bitter cold, but sometimes long-standing trouble areas don’t respond to diet or exercise. CoolSculpting freezes away fat on stubborn areas like the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. So embrace the lightweight, clingy clothes. Now you can show-off a stunning silhouette!

Why early spring is a good time to do it:

• May require several treatment sessions to address multiple trouble areas

• Peak improvements usually appear 2 months after treatment

• Gets you swim-suit ready for summer

5. Eliminate Brown Spots with IPL Treatment

So maybe you went overboard with tanning as a kid or even last summer! It’s time to ‘wipe the slate clean.’ Before your sun damage and other spots worsen under the sun’s UV rays, turn down their volume. Dozens of spots on the face, hands, chest, and arms can be removed in a single 30-minute session. Unless you’re going to one of the poles, this is a must-do treatment!

Why early spring is a good time to do it:

• You must cover up while the treated areas heal

• Can't do it when you have a tan

6. Add Volume to Your Face with Dermal Fillers

Your face is one place you DO want to turn up the volume! With scarves and hats packed away, your face is front and center. Our experts have the experience and finesse to create a natural-looking, more youthful look! And when you look great, it just might make you embrace life all the more! What better time than spring to energize yourself for a fresh start?

Why early spring is a good time to do it:

• You can experience some bruising after treatments

• Using makeup concealer on these bruises is easier now than in the summer when people tend to go au natural


Ready to look your best this spring?

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