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A Perfect 10: Things You Need To Do For Your Skin This Autumn

Fall is here and it’s the perfect time to do things for your skin that can't be done in the summer or are best done now! Changes of season are also a great time for a dose of self-care maintenance!

1. Laser hair removal

Why it’s good to do now:

• Can't do it when you have a tan

2. IPL laser

Why it’s good to do now:

• Can't do it when you have a tan

• Melts away the brown spots you acquired over the summer

3. VBeam laser to erase spider veins on the face

Why it’s good to do now:

• Can't do it when you have a tan


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4. Sclerotherapy injections for spider veins on the legs and laser for smaller leg veins

Why it’s good to do now:

• You need to wear support hose for the injections

• Requires a number of treatment sessions

• Legs look worse before they look better so it's best to start in the fall so your legs are ready for next spring and summer

5. Kybella to melt away double chin

Why it’s good to do now:

• You need to cover your neck for about 2 weeks after treatments so scarf and turtleneck season is perfect timing

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6. Filler injections for a fuller, more youthful face for your holiday celebrations

Why it’s good to do now:

• You can experience some bruising after treatments

• Now is a good time when covering bruises with makeup is easier than in the summer when people tend to go au natural

7. HydraFacials

Why it’s good to do now:

• After a summer of sun, an exfoliation and infusion treatment gives you a natural glow and improved texture and tone

8. Chemical peels

Why it’s good to do now:

• Lighten sunspots and improve melasma, which worsen over the summer

9. Skin exams

Why it’s good to do now:

• Check up on sun damage you may have acquired this past summer

• Fall is a new year and a fresh start for many so using it as a cue to check for what’s new or for changes that need attention can be an easy way to maintain an annual habit

So let's get started on a beautiful fall you!

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