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Why Pampering Your Feet on the Cheap Will Cost You

Primping and pampering our feet is a frequent “go-to” activity for many of us. Those relaxing moments when you can just lie back while your feet are scrubbed, massaged and polished can be an addicting habit.

To minimize the dent to your wallet, you might feel tempted to cut corners and go for the cheaper option. We’re not talking about at-home pedicures you give yourself. However, that might be a safer bet than the inexpensive pedicure you get at the somewhat clean nail salon around the corner.

Unfortunately, your inexpensive nail salon may be cutting corners to keep costs down and business booming. Untrained nail technicians, bubbling foot beds lurking with harmful bacteria, unsterilized tools, poorly ventilated rooms can quickly turn a relaxing dream into a nightmare that can cost you big in the form of your health.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

That $25 pedicure at the corner salon is surely cutting corners starting with their polishes and products. What are the chances you’ll find toxic-free brands such as Zoya or daniPro? Slim to none.

Usually, nail polish contains the highest density of formaldehyde of any consumer product. The same goes for nail polish remover. According to a report drafted by the EPA’s Integrated Risk Information System, ingesting formaldehyde, breathing it in through car and furniture emissions, or putting it on our skin through cosmetics can cause leukemia and nose and throat cancers.

As a health-conscious shopper, look for nail polishes without the “toxic trio” – formaldehyde, toluene and phthalates, which range from cancer-causing compounds to hormone-disrupting chemicals. Studies show that phthalates reduce female fertility and can cause premature puberty in young women.

Here at Soco, protecting your health and safety is our top priority. That’s why we offer polishes free of toxic ingredients, potential allergens, and carcinogenic substances such as the “toxic trio”.

Toxin-free nail care is critical for those with sensitive skin, allergies, immune system problems, and environmental sensitivities. Also, women who are pregnant or nursing and developing children need to avoid toxic chemicals.

We carry Zoya’s toxin-free and vegan-friendly polishes, formaldehyde-free polishes from Essie, and daniPro with anti-fungal ingredients. And don’t worry, being chemically conscious doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. At SoCo, you can choose from hundreds of the latest fashion-forward colors!

Medically Safe Pedicures Are the Way to Go

At SoCo, all of our instruments are sterilized in a medical autoclave. This is a feature you won’t find at many spas or nail salons, particularly those on the cheap. A medical autoclave protects you from acquiring a bacterial or fungal infection. Read more about this and other tips by Dr. Evans in Healthway so you can stay safe during your next visit to the nail salon.

Shared Supplies Are A Breeding Ground for Harmful Bacteria

Salons should let you bring your own tools (files, manicure brushes, and buffers) or offer you supplies that have never to been used on anyone else. Salons that cut corners won’t offer this so be sure to bring your own nail kit. The last thing you want is to pick up germs from another client.

It’s not enough to simply dip instruments in solution. That is not going to kill bacteria and fungus. Take these precautions seriously to avoid costly health issues later on.

Here at SoCo we have nail kits available for purchase that are for individual use and should be brought to each session. Not only do you get safety and quality, you get a discrete, peaceful atmosphere. Plus, our pedicures include a soothing massage and a moisturizing treatment. Who doesn’t like that?

Ready to take your pedicure experience to the next level? Book you next appointment with us, call us at 1 (203) 323-5660.

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