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6 Winter Skincare Tips to Help You Ditch Dry Skin in the New Year

The winter months can be a trying time for your skin. In colder weather, our skin can experience a decrease in moisture and hydration. The result is often dry, rough skin.

However, cold weather isn’t the only culprit for brittle and flaky skin. Dry heat indoors, decreasing humidity levels, and other winter weather characteristics can lead to dry skin and further skin flare-ups. Dry skin can also be a symptom of underlying skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Luckily, there are ways to prep your skin to combat the harshness of winter. The first step is to learn how your skin is affected.

How Does Your Skin Respond to the Cold?

Moisture and hydration are the keys to maintaining healthy skin. Unfortunately, as the weather cools, moisture and hydration naturally decrease in our bodies and skin.

The natural lack of moisture and hydration is often caused by everyday habits like increasing the heat in your home, car, or office or taking hot showers or baths. These activities can create low-humidity environments, which add to a decrease in moisture.

But that’s heat. How does the cold affect the body? In the cold, natural elements like air and wind, rain, and snow can remove natural oils from the body, significantly eliminating moisture and hydration.

Here are our winter skincare tips for maintaining moisture and hydration and decreasing the chances of dry winter skin.

Switch Up Your Skincare Routine

The first step to prep your skin for the winter is to switch up your skincare routine. Winter skincare relies on moisture and hydration. Contrary to popular belief, a less rigorous routine is best for winter skin care. Simplify your routine with a moisturizer and one or two other items.

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize!

Add moisture back into your body at every instance to prevent dry skin. As previously mentioned, the skin loses moisture in the winter. Dry skin can be compounded by bathing, washing your hands, etc., and removing more layers of moisture and natural oils each time.


Exfoliation works to remove dead skin and maintain vibrant skin. Adding exfoliation into your routine can help build a better base for your skin in the winter months. However, it’s essential not to over-exfoliate and only exfoliate on skin that is not damaged, cracked, or unhealed.

Do Overnight Treatments

Overnight treatments also work to resupply moisture and hydration into the skin. These treatments can resupply vital amounts of moisture and hydration back into the skin on your face, hands, and feet when used as part of your winter skincare routine. Also, incorporate a thicker, more potent cream or ointment into your winter skincare routine.

Wear Sunscreen

UV rays work even in the winter. That’s why sunscreen is a crucial step to keep in your winter skincare routine. Sunscreen protects the skin from damage.

Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers don't only help with breathing; they also help the skin. Dry air is prevalent in the winter. Because of this, your body can feel depleted all over. Humidifiers add moisture back into the air. The added moisture in the air is vital for your body to absorb, which significantly helps decrease dry skin's effects.

Note: Frequently clean your humidifier with vinegar or other antifungal solutions

Wear Gloves

Gloves in the winter add an extra layer of protection to your hands. They also work to lock in moisture instead of stripping it due to weather or other circumstances. Gloves are a great idea to add to your winter skincare routine. Also, gloves can be worn at night after moisturizing or applying an overnight cream and, of course, outside in the cool weather.

Drink More Water

Increasing your water intake is good for the body all around. In terms of skincare, drinking more water can keep your body and skin from dehydrating.

Don't Overuse Hot Water

Steaming hot water is highly damaging to the skin. The high temperature of the water strips your skin of all the positive elements needed to keep it healthy, moisturized, and hydrated. Get in the habit of moisturizing immediately after bathing and showering to combat dry skin.

Boost Your Winter Skincare

Winter skin care requires an adjustment of one’s routines and habits to replenish and maintain moisture, hydration, and natural oils in the body.

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV therapy is a safe, effective, and immediate option to provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals to add hydration, energy, and immune boosts to your body and skin.

Southern Connecticut Dermatology provides an array of skin care products and options via our online store and in-person, including vitamin therapy. You can customize your drip with our specially curated menu, shop our specialized items, or schedule a consultation for an individual winter skin care plan when you schedule an appointment today. Call (203) 323-5660 to get started.


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