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Top 5 Skincare Routine and Treatment Tips for Men

Skin care is essential for everyone, yes, even for —and especially for— men. For starters, men tend to sweat more, have more body hair and may spend less time, in general, prioritizing their skin health. These factors combine to show why skincare for men is essential. Read on to learn more about a few of the crucial skincare routine steps, as well as treatments that help men reach their full potential when it comes to great skin.

Cleanse, But Don’t Overdo It

Any good skin care regimen includes a step for cleansing your skin. But even if your daily work routine leaves you feeling grimy, the best men’s skincare routines should never overdo it. In fact, when you wash your face with soap or harsh cleansers too often, you can strip out the healthy oils in your skin.

We recommend rinsing your face with water in the morning and saving the cleanser for your nighttime skincare routine. Go to bed with a fresh face and wake up ready to take on the day!

Exfoliate Before Shaving!

Should you exfoliate before or after shaving? We advise exfoliating before shaving for two key reasons. First, you should exfoliate beforehand so you can remove the grime from your skin. If you wait to exfoliate after you shave, you could drag dirt and germs across your face with your razor.

Furthermore, when you exfoliate, you often free up hairs trapped under the skin's surface. Exfoliating after you shave may burn and irritate your skin and could leave you with pesky stubble. Exfoliating before you shave just makes sense!

Shave with Care

Building onto the previous tip, when you do shave, do so correctly and with care. Poor shaving habits can leave you with a range of discomforts, including razor burn, ingrown hairs, folliculitis and cuts.

Here are a few tips for safe and hygienic face shaving:

  1. Rinse your face and facial hair with warm water to remove excess oil and dead skin.

  2. Apply shaving cream or gel to your face.

  3. Avoid razor burn and bumps by shaving in the direction your facial hair grows.

  4. Rinse your face well with warm water after shaving.

  5. If you have sensitive skin, acne or frequent skin inflammation, consider using an aftershave for its astringent properties, which help kill bacteria.

  6. Store your razor in a dry place to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

  7. Take your time and shave lightly to avoid cutting your face.

Bonus Tip: If possible, get a fog-free mirror and shave in the shower safely. The humidity in the shower will help to soften the skin and lead to a less irritating shave.

Moisturize with a Product for Your Skin Type

It should go without saying that men need to moisturize too, especially when considering a few important factors. Men’s aftershave products often include alcohol, which can dry out your skin. Replace this moisture loss by applying a good moisturizer after applying your aftershave. You can also just opt to skip the aftershave altogether and stick to the moisturizer.

When choosing the best moisturizer, consider your skin type first. If you have dry skin, you may want to opt for a heavier moisturizing cream or oil-based moisturizer. These products will help supply the oils needed for a healthy skin glow. On the other hand, those with oily skin should select a lighter, water-based moisturizer.

Try Botox for Wrinkles & Hyperhidrosis

Men get wrinkles too! As we age, collagen amounts decrease, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles. Address this problem with BOTOX! This procedure blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles, causing wrinkles to lessen and grow softer. Reclaim your youthful appearance with BOTOX injections targeting crow’s feet, forehead lines and frown lines.

Another way men can take advantage of the benefits of BOTOX is for the treatment of excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. While breaking a slight sweat can be sexy, profuse sweating is another story. Help your sweat glands stop producing too much sweat with BOTOX injections administered to your underarms.

Try PRP for Hair Loss

If the hair on your head is starting to thin out or look sparse, we have the perfect solution for you. Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair Loss uses your own blood to stimulate hair growth. The Soco Derm team prides itself on being experts at using PRP to treat hair loss.

PRP injections increase the bloody supply to the hair follicle, which helps thicken the hair shaft. This three-step procedure requires three treatments administered every four to six weeks.

  1. First, your blood is taken and placed into a centrifuge for separation.

  2. Next, the blood is separated into three parts: platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma and red blood cells.

  3. Finally, the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the target areas of the scalp.

Learn more about SoCo Derm’s PRP Hair Loss therapy for men today.

Skincare for men. Is it that different than skincare for everyone else? Skincare basics may not differ much from men to women, but there are certain differences that should be considered when forming the best skincare routine.

For more information on the state of your skin and which services would be best for you, call (203) 323-5660, and schedule an appointment with one of our dermatology specialists today.


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